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A consultation, for web design and SEO,  would be extremely beneficial to you if:

  • You don’t have a website,  but need to get one for your business
  • You have a website,  but it’s not designed/performing as intended, or,  SEO, it’s not getting found properly in google search

Web Consultation FAQs

Why can’t we just talk – without having to pay for a web consultation?2018-08-12T14:55:09+00:00

My time is valuable,  because I spent years developing my web and SEO skills and I’m very good at what I do.

I’m not a salesman, I’m a web design and SEO expert.

My time is limited,  because I have many clients and potential clients who need it.

If you value my time, you’ll be willing to pay for it.

If you don’t value my time, than I prefer to give it to those that do.

Can you make minor changes to my site during my web consultation?2018-08-12T15:50:23+00:00

Yes of course, I can login to your site and make minor changes, if needed, during your web consultation. Just give me your login credentials.

Can you do an SEO analysis of my site during my web consultation?2018-08-12T15:52:11+00:00

Yes. Just give me login credentials.

Can you analyze my website during my web consultation?2018-08-12T15:49:50+00:00

Yes. Just give me your login credentials.

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Working with Mark is amazing. He is an expert at what he does, fast and professional. I will continue to work with Mark on other projects. He is very affordable for the excellent quality product he delivers. I was pleasantly surprised at how good this guy is at designing and developing professional looking websites. Thank you!

Tomi Bannister, Automated Resource Management Associates
Vanessa van der Have

I’ve been working with Mark on a web project for a mutual client since April 2018. Mark was brought in to get the SEO rolling again. He has been very responsive and a pleasure to work with. The SEO implementations that he has put into place are working very well and our client has been very happy with the results!

Vanessa van der Have, Public Relations (Self Employed)

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