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eCommerce | Chauffeur Site2018-07-13T15:36:14+00:00

Project Description

Affordable eCommerce Chauffeur Site

Affordable Design and Development

Figured out a way to design and build an affordable, gorgeous,  self hosted eCommerce site for ‘Chauffeurs’. Designed and developed an elegant, classy, Chauffeur service eCommerce website on the WordPress framework using a black and gold color palette.

I designed this site with a beautiful modern, scrolling, parallax look with a simple, easy to navigate architecture.

Advanced Functionality

Clients have the ability to search through an archive of Chauffeur portfolios, choose their favorite driver for hire, schedule a booking in a calendar, choose a service product, and pay online from their shopping cart.


Built the site on the secure https protocol on my siteground server at

Pro Media Application

Client had a professional video of a classy chauffeured car driving, that I embedded as the homepage hero image.

chauffeur ecommerce site

Custom Portfolio

Created a custom portfolio post type for ‘Chauffeurs’, created an archive page for chauffeurs portfolios, linking each Chauffeur to a single portfolio page. Each single portfolio page has driver’s picture, description and driver details, pictures of the cars the driver uses, and a calendar for online booking.

Booked Booking Calendar

Installed and configured the Booked Calendar premium plugin to schedule bookings online ( later decided to outsource booking to ridebits ). Configured separate calendars, one for each Chauffeur, so each driver has the ability to keep their own separate schedule.

Multiple User Login Capability

Set up user logins for multiple chauffeurs.

WooCommerce Integration

Installed and configured woocommerce plugin with variable products and integrated woocommerce plugin with Booked calendar plugin and also Integrated it with Square account.

Added products to booked calendar plugin so when client clicks into a time slot in the calendar, they are presented with different services to purchase, can choose from a variety of services then pay online.

Classy, Mobile Friendly Design

Styled site elegant, classy dark, modern look, scrolling parallax. Styled site to look great on various screen sizes as well as to function very efficiently on smartphone. You can see the nice slide out mobile menu below with large, easy to ‘thumb’ select menu items.


chauffeur ecommerce site mobile

Apparently other priorities took precedence and client downgraded server from siteground, removed the Chauffeur portfolio, changed booking calendar to ridebits, took over maintenance and management of site. Currently the site appears to be ‘out of operation’’.

In any case, I’m very proud of the work I did on the site and I hope someday the site is restored to it’s former glory. deserves to be used, and proper SEO work done so the site can be found in search results online.