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iPhone Phone App Freeze Solution

iPhone phone app freeze has affected millions of iPhone users for years. iPhone models 5s, 6, 6s, 7 and others are repeatedly freezing and locking up when using the Phone app. Based on comments in the many online forums, this Apple iPhone phone app freeze problem dates back to 2011, and has persisted even through multiple IOS software updates and iPhone model hardware updates.

Troubleshooting iPhone Phone App Freeze

If you contact Apple support, more than likely you’ll find that Apple support is unaware of the problem or pretends to be, and will run you through a several procedures to repair the software, then eventually suggesting that you purchase a new phone. After trying all the fixes, and buying a new iPhone, only then you are likely to find yourself in the same position as before.

My iPhone Phone App Freeze Nightmare

In my case, my iPhone behaves well for a while, the phone application works well for perhaps 10 or 20 uses, then it freezes while trying to access a contact or voicemail, and a white screen appears in the display. I can exit the phone app and return to the iPhone desktop. The remaining apps seem to be still functioning, though when I enter back into the phone app, the white screen displays again. When I power the phone off and back on again, the phone app works as normal ….. for a little while before repeating the same pattern.

As time goes on the phone app begins freezing after only two or three uses. At this time, if I do an update with iTunes or Restore, my iPhone may allow me to use the phone app for a few days before freezing. Within a few weeks the phone app is freezing several times a day.

iPhone Phone App Freeze Solution Search

I read many online articles and forum experiences and noticed that there are a wide variety of home remedies but upon following up most if not all failed. There does not appear to be a good resource online for sharing experiences and remedies for this specific issue, so I would like to create a good resource right here. There are many inadequate online articles and forums with bits and pieces of info, and sorting through them is a tremendous time drain. Please help me gather all relevant info in one place, right here, to help people save time dealing with this issue.

  1.  If you have experienced iPhone phone app freeze in the past, or are presently experiencing it, please share your experience in the comments below.
  2. Share your model of iphone, your IOS software version, and details of your issue.
  3. Share any fixes or remedies that you tried and the final results.
  4. Share about any other helpful online resources, and most importantly please share what worked for you if you have found a solution.

Looking forward to an active discussion right here to build a good resource for all those experiencing iPhone Phone App Freeze.

Please share your iPhone Phone App Freeze experience below.

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